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Pratechsol (Pratibha Technical Solutions) is a transforming and simplifying IoT solutions company, formed in June, 2017. Our vision is to enable IoT solution for efficient and effective safety and security of people, industry, material and environment.

Our IoT solutions are fully featured and can be tailored to fit your unique needs. We strongly believe on the concept of One contract, one relationship, one platform, and one IoT service provider for all of your needs including connectivity, hardware, location based applications, certification services and much more.

Our solutions span cross Tracking (Kids, Work-force, School bus, Fleet, Asset) and Monitoring (Industrial, Environment, Commercial light). Soon along with our dedicated team and channel partners we are coming up with IoT services on Health, Wireless security solutions, Digital Signage, Smart workplace/home, ERP solution.

Hi Everyone, we are Pratechsol

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Address 7, Amrit Manthan, Dombivili, Maharashtra, India
Phone Number +91 9967978750