Commercial Light Monitoring

Commercial Light monitoring wireless machine-to-machine connectivity is quickly becoming the industry standard for commercial lighting providers. This is particularly beneficial for regulated industries – such as airport lighting, street lighting, park lighting, office / society lighting – where lights have to be monitored 24/7 to ensure they are operating as intended. machine-to-machine commercial lighting technology prevents undetected service outages which could pose a safety issue or lead to a loss of revenue.

The basic of commercial light monitoring lies in determining the normal relationships of energy consumptions to relevant driving factors (HVAC equipment, production though puts, weather, occupancy available daylight, etc.). The ultimate goal is to reduce energy costs through improved energy efficiency and energy management control. Other benefits generally include increased resource efficiency, improved production budgeting and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Pratechsol (Pratibha Technical Solutions) understands the specific needs of commercial light monitoring, and we have partnered with leading commercial light monitoring technology companies to provide integrated and optimized IoT solutions for commercial light monitoring. With technology and networks – including satellite connectivity – you can rest assured that your commercial light monitoring parameters would stay connected to the applications you rely on.

Key features and advantages of our service:
  1. Identify and explain excessive energy use.
  2. Detect instances when consumption is unexpectedly higher or lower than would usually have been the case.
  3. Visualize energy consumption trends (daily, weekly, seasonal, operational and many more).
  4. Determine future energy use and costs when planning changes in the business.
  5. Diagnose specific areas of wasted energy.
  6. Observe how changes to relevant driving factors impact energy efficiency.
  7. Develop performance targets for energy management programs.
  8. Manage energy consumption, rather than accept it as a fixed cost.
  9. The ability to do real time complex stream processing of data from multiple sources.
  10. View Reports from anywhere: can be viewed through mobile / tab also.
  11. Multiple users: flexibility to create multiple users with multiple viewing rights.
  12. Access information through secured interface.
  13. Last but not the least, our commercial light monitoring service can be tailored as per your requirement.

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